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Dave & Donna

January 15th - 22nd, 2001



We stayed at the Barcelo Huatulco Beach Resort
(formerly Huatulco Sheraton)
In the state of Oaxaca (wah·HAH·cah)

Resort's location on Tangolunda Bay

We left from our home in London, Ontario at 1:30AM, picked up by
Robert Q Travel's Air Bus Service to Toronto.

We arrived at Pearson International Airport Terminal 3 in Toronto at about 4:30 AM
and boarded our 6:20AM flight to Huatulco on schedule.

At the Huatulco Airport, the bus loads up and leaves very quickly, most before the taxis. The taxi won't go until they are filled and costs about $9.00US each person. All guests are already assigned a room long before you get there. When you arrive, relax in the lobby and let the others stand in line. When you register, your name is looked up in a pile of envelopes that contains your room key, pool towel cards, etc. If you get there too early your room won't be ready anyway.  So there is really no advantage of getting there early. Don't forget to get the lock for your room safe and TV remote. No deposit required
If you feel like watching TV they have english speaking movie channels.

We arrived at this beautiful resort, 30 minutes from the airport, at 1:30PM
This picture is the entrance to the hotel lobby, from the pool area.

Barcelo Huatulco Email Address

Your room key

This wrist band ensures that you are entitled to everything this all-inclusive hotel
has to offer including unlimited food and drinks!

These pictures show the pool area.
The left is looking from the beach - and the right, looking toward the beach.
There are two pools. One geared towards adults and one for children.

At left you can see the swim up bar and the lunch area. It's never that busy though, a pool volleyball
                      game just finished and everyone headed over for a drink.
              At Right is a closer shot of the swim up bar area. Donna is sitting pool side.

We didn't have a problem getting a lounge chair even though scores of towels show up
on chairs in shady areas by the pool at the crack of dawn.  Quite often no one occupied
these "reserved" chairs for many hours. At other resorts we have stayed at, unattended
towels found on chairs before 7AM were removed.  We liked to sit out on the grass area
next to the golf course, along the stone wall facing the beach anyway.

View from the lobby to pool/beach area.
Take the stairs, or there is ramp elevator access to/from the pool level.
A super clean resort.
They even scrub the cement walkways in the pool area each night with a floor machine.

The view from our balcony.
We were quite satisfied with our room, no musty smell or rust anywhere and a great view
from our balcony. The end table in each room has about a half dozen switches
that control every light in the room.  Bring along an alarm clock.
I recommend you try for a room above the 3rd floor so your view will not be obstructed by the tree tops.

The weather was great all week, not a drop of rain and very few clouds. The average temperature during the day was over 30 Celsius and the evenings were very comfortable.
Check out the latest weather in Huatulco.

The Barcelo is on the far left with the Gala next door, the right picture is the beach in front of the Barcelo.
Be careful of the strong undertow.


This is where you will find Carlos (Charlie) Ramos in the small building at the top left.
Just go up the cement ramp, the office is on the Barcelo grounds.

On the left, is Charlie in front of his office
Right photo taken on the steam boiler of LAS ORUGAS wreck.
Visit Charlie's site here


We rented a Sea Doo. It was fun to cruise around the bay and ride the waves.
You can rent these on the beach in front of Charlie's office.
We paid 300 pesos for 30 minutes.

Breakfast Area

There is lots of seating inside and outside the hotel. Breakfast is from 7 - 10:30 AM
It is buffet style and there is always a large variety of fruit, cereal, juices, and the usual eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, etc.  You can also have eggs prepared for you any style with your choice of cheese, ham, bacon bits, tomato, mushrooms, etc.

Front lobby view and view out the lobby window.
The lobby has a sunken bar. It's a great place to sit and have a drink or 5 after getting washed up from the pool and looking for something to do until supper. We usually have a few card games or Backgammon.

The entertainment Friday and Saturday is great.

We met some fellow crazy canucks at Friday night's entertainment and
enjoyed Tequila shooters with the assistance of the staff.

On the left center is "Jerry Van Dyke" well it looks like him, actually its Mike, to the right is
"Margarita" Margaret, and to the left is the another Mike and Lynne.
All of Victoria BC. We had a blast!

The staff gives your head a shake after you down the drink.
In case you are not familiar with this type of shooter.
The shooter glass is filled 3/4 with Tequila and topped up with Fresca, cover the top and give the glass a few hard bangs on the table, then drink while its still fizzing. A great drink!

At one point, I think our table was getting more attention than the on stage entertainment.

Each room is given two "passes" to the Casa Real, there are two seatings per evening.
7 & 9PM. Book early as seating is limited.  You may want to reserve on nights other than
Friday and Saturday or you will miss out on the best entertainment these nights.

When everything else is winding down, the El Jorongo Bar is just getting going.
We visited around 11 PM. I believe it is open until after 3 AM. Yes its included in the all-inclusive.


There are different rooms available other than the standard ones.
There is a Presidential suite, Master suite, and Standard King.
I don't know how much extra the upgrades would be.

Master Suite

The 18 hole Tangolunda Golf Club, stretches between lakes and tropical trees,
where the Barcelo Huatulco Beach Resort borders the 14th hole.
You can see a panoramic view of the lovely Tangolunda Bay.

Even though it is an all-inclusive resort we still went for steak, lobster and shrimp twice at a great restaurant across the street called Don Porfirio Lobster and Steak House. It is all outdoors and your food is prepared on a large grill right in front of you. The staff is great fun and very attentive.
Make sure you ask for your "Free Margarita".

We went the second time, on our last night in Huatulco with Mike, Mike, Lynne and Margaret
I was out of film by then but will post a few pictures taken by them.
The best advise I can give is "pay in Pesos". If you pay in dollars it is always rounded off to the lowest peso. If you can't get to the bank, even your hotel will give you a better rate than the shops and restaurants.

Side Trips

The Coffee Plantation Tour

We traveled in a comfortable air conditioned vehicle up the mountain trail through
small villages until we reached the plantation. The drive was about two hours.
At right we all enjoy a beer or other refreshing drink.

To the left is our guide Eduardo Castro Mota - the plantation owners wife, Isabella - and  Donna.
With us are visitors from Boston and Chicago.

A home made Mexican style meal was prepared for us after the hike through the jungle.
We learned how the coffee bean was "benefited" using no insecticides.
One would expect to see rows of coffee bean plants but these plants are grown on
the mountain sides of this 2500 acre plantation known as "Mt. Glory"
You will be asked to sign the Plantation's guest book and add your comments.

Then off to a waterfall and stream with the clearest water I have seen.
The swimming is a short drive away, then a 5 minute hike through the jungle.
Donna and I take a jump in the stream.    The plantation owner looks on at Donna's right.

Eduardo takes advantage of the built-in water massage.

The coffee was so good you wouldn't think of adding cream or sugar.
We left with a kilo bag.

It's a recommended trip. We left our hotel at 8:30 AM and returned at 3:30 PM


Horseback and Rafting Trip

A half day trip we took was riding horseback 8 kilometers through the jungle then rafting back.
The water is not really high enough in the summer season to fully enjoy the rafting.

We also rented a Trakker and drove the coast all through
Puerto Angel, Zipolite, Mazunte, and Ventanilla towards Escondido.

Be sure to take the short taxi ride to La Crucecita, a very clean little town with shopping and restaurants.
By taxi it is only 20 pesos.


There is a lot of poverty in the areas outside of Huatulco and children as well as adults are
in need of used summer clothing.  Each time we go on vacation we pack an extra suit case filled with clothes that no longer fit us. We hand them out in the villages we pass through while on side trips.

If you would like to pack an extra suitcase of used clothing, but will not be passing through
areas to hand them out yourself please contact  Rick and Sue Raymond
for suggestions on how to distribute the clothing.

(the empty suitcase comes in handy to bring back all the items you bought)

Also just after Halloween we buy up a dozen or so large bags of candy and do the same. Take a Polaroid camera with you and take pictures of the children in the villages so you may leave them with a photo. They will be thrilled.


Click here for more pictures


You can book these and many other trips through "Hector"
You can find him at the desk just inside the main lobby entrance to the left.

  Read details about Hector's optional tours here

Don't forget to tip your tour guides and servers. We usually tip 1 or two dollars at breakfast and dinner
and a few dollars at the end of each excursion. They really go out of their way to see that you
are enjoying yourself, show them that you appreciate it.

While on vacation you eat different foods you are not used to, and perhaps more than you usually do.
I read somewhere that you can take 2 Pepto Bismol tablets before each meal to help
prevent an upset stomach, before it happens. Many people claim it really helps. We tried it.


We always pre-book our plane seats to and from our destination.
This eliminates any chance of not being able to get seats together on the way home.
We book seats as close to the front of the plane as we can.
This way you get served earlier and off the plane quicker.
Seats on the left side are better as the plane always banks left when landing and you get a better view.


We enjoyed our stay in Huatulco very much and would not hesitate to go back.
We would definitely stay at the Barcelo

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