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Started March 6, 2002

The purpose of this site is to tell others about my trip to
Paris for Needle Aponevrotomy to treat Dupuytren's Contracture

This site is in no way an advertisement for Dr. Badois or an endorsement by me.
Dr. Badois is not associated with this site in any way.

I saw Dr. Badois at his office just outside Paris, France on
February 25th and March 1, 2002 to have work done on both hands.


Left after 3 days

I was very happy on how well the palm straightened out.
A lump in the left palm is where it all started about 10 or 12 years ago.
Now there is no sign of the palm area ever being effected.
My index finger is about 97%. It was recommended not to go farther and take a chance of nerve damage.


right - after 3 days

My two center fingers, though not effected were being drawn in from the palm. Dr. Badois worked on this area to
straighten them up. My baby finger is about 95% and a little swollen but is expected to improve over the next few weeks.

Its great to be able to lay my hands flat again.

The actual procedure took between 15 and 20 minutes for each hand.
In both procedures there was very little bruising or blood. The only pain during the procedures was for a few seconds
when the antiseptic was administered. There was no pain afterward, I did not need any pain medication.
I was fortunate that my results where immediate. There was no therapy suggested and I was not required to wear a splint.

I was told that the band that can be felt in the palm is neither the tendon nor the nerve, but the thickening of a structure
situated under the skin and which reinforces it. The structure is called the aponeurosis.

I first learned of  Dr. Badois and Needle Aponevrotomy (NA) through an excellent e-zine for those with DC
managed by Morris Rubinoff. You can subscribe by contacting Morris here

I contacted Dr. Badois October 14/01 by email sending along pictures of my hands. He contacted me on October 16th
telling me that I required at least 2 sessions to treat both hands and suggested appointments in February 2002.
My cost for each of two sessions was 180 Euro cash. Payable at his office after each session.
Dr. Badois speaks very good english, much better then he gives himself credit for.
I felt completely at ease under his care. In fact, we joked through most of the sessions.

By the pictures above, one can imagine that I am pleased with the results.
Although this needle procedure is a treatment and not a cure, surgery is not a cure either.
I would choose this line of treatment over surgery any day. Although my case may be more severe then others,
I know there are those who are much worse and the results of NA will vary.

Dr. Badois email


 Video Captures and procedure details

 UPDATE - 7 months after the procedure

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Dave McIntosh

Needle aponevrotomy for the treatment of  Dupuytren's contracture can if necessary, be performed
over and over, no drugs for pain, no scarring, immediate recovery, usually requires neither sick leave
nor rehabilitation. All effected areas on both my hands were treated with two 20 minute out patient appointments,
both within the same week. The procedure is very low cost. My procedures together were just over $500.00 Canadian.
I even started back playing hockey 9 days after my second procedure and will be back at work a few days after.

How can this compare to surgery ?  Read Here

Doctor in Jupiter, Florida Performs Needle Aponevrotomy

Dr. Eaton of Jupiter, Florida has been trained by
Dr. Lermusiaux at the Hopital Laribosière in Paris France
Read about his Needle Aponevrotomy treatment for DC

Update: March 2007

Here are a list of doctors in the US that perform the NA proceedure.
I will add to it as I get more.

Dr. David Kline
750 Warm Springs Ave, Suite A
Boise Idaho 83712

Dr. William Bourland
The Hand Clinic
Memphis, TN, 38120
Main phone: (901) 259 - 1600
Appointments: (901) 259 - 1684
E-mail: bourland@orthomemphis.com

Dr. Paul Zidel, Jupiter, Florida
Dr. Keith Denkler, Larkspar, California

The purpose of this site is to tell of my experiences only.
This site is not in any way an advertisement for Dr. Badois or any endorsements by myself.
There are dozens of doctors in Europe who perform this procedure.
For a list click on "Walt's Dupuytren's Contracture Page" under "LINKS" below.


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