Video Captures





We sat in the doctor's office area where he had the pictures of my hand that I emailed him on his computer screen. We talked about how both my mother and older brother have DC and had undergone surgery. He asked if I  had had any surgeries, etc.  He looked over both hands, and measured the contracture with a protractor and noted that I had stage I, II, and III.
After about 10 minutes It was time to get started.

I was happy that the doctor allowed us to video the procedure so I could watch it later and share pictures with others.
We went into the next room where I tried to relax as best I could.  It is a very professional but comfortable area. I understand the paintings on the wall are the work of Dr. Badois. I didn't watch as he prepared the anesthetic, syringe, and gauze padding.
We joked alot while I lay studying the ceiling or looking out the window and listening to the traffic pass by.
I did watch while he applied the area with betadine but that's all.

I was a bit startled with the first injection in my palm as I didn't see it coming. The slight burning sensation of the anesthetic lasted only a few seconds. I was surprised at how fast it took effect. The same needle that is used for the anesthetic is used in the sawing motion to cut under the skin with. Only the needle itself was changed each time a new area was worked on. I could feel and hear a slight snapping sound as he worked away. He asked me several times if I felt any pain. There was no pain. He also reminded me to tell him if I felt any electric shocks. I thought I felt one or 2 during the first procedure but now I think I was just a little anxious as the anesthetic didn't seem to work as fast on the fingers.
Please note that nothing but the anesthetic was injected into my hands.

The doctor noticed my friend who was doing the video was looking a little pale and was concerned that he may end up with two patients. She was okay and I was relieved she didn't drop my camera. After the slight sawing motion was done in each area it was stretched out. My left palm freed up with quite a snap and my palm straightened out pretty good but there was still more work to do. After the procedure I was quite surprised that the nodules and knots in my palm were completely gone!

My hand and affected finger was bandaged up and was told to keep it on for three days and wrap it in plastic when washing.
No heavey lifting is advised for 10 days. I felt good enough in a few days to carry my own luggage but didn't chance it.

I didn't watch the first video until after my second procedure as I was unsure if it was a good idea or not.
I now feel it is better to know what will occur, as the not knowing what to expect is sometimes worse.
I must say that even though I am the first one to run when I see a needle the whole ordeal was not bad at all.

Merci  Dr. Badois.