Where we stayed and how we got to Dr. Badois' clinic

We stayed at the Hotel Elysees - Paris

Located on Wagram Street just 300 meters from Arc de Triomphe

 Hotel Elysees

Sam the night guy.
Sam does some excellent Trompe L'oeil paintings.

We left London, Ontario on Friday at 2:00 PM for Toronto and arrived in France at
4:00 AM Saturday our time - or 10:00 AM France time.
When we arrived at the Charles de Gaulle Airport we caught the Air France bus
just outside the arrival area, to the Air France terminal on Carnot Ave.
Carnot Ave is just two streets over from our hotel.

The bus leaves the airport every 15 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Carnot.
The fare is 10 Euro per person each way.
We caught the bus at the same location on our journey home.
It also leaves there every 15 minutes from 5:30 AM - 11:00 PM.
Get on the right bus, there are two or 3 different ones.

Monday at noon we started out for Dr. Badois' clinic for my 2:30 appointment. The Metro is just a block away near the
Arc de Triomphe. A Metro ticket was 2.30 Euro.

We took the #2 metro from "Charles de Gaulle- Etoile"  to "Barbes Rochechouart", which is the 10th stop.
Then transferred to #4 to "Gare du Nord" - One stop.
This is the train/metro/bus station. We went to the next floor and purchased rural train tickets to "direction Pontoise".
This was train #34 and it left every 30 minutes.  The cost was 4.50 euro each, one way.
We purchased return tickets.

We got off at "Enghien Les Bains" station (about the 5th stop) this took about 15-20 minutes.
We climbed the stairs, turned right. There was a line of bus stops slopping down the hill.
We took #11 North to "Hotel de Ville de Soisy". We asked the driver to tell us when we where there.
We were on the bus for about 5 minutes.  We got off on the same side of the road as the clinic.
We walked back about 300 meters and found his clinic between Pharmacy (green cross) and a medical lab.

We buzzed him at the controlled entry then went up two flights of stairs to his office.

Dr. Badois' clinic is the entrance below the green cross.

Getting back

We caught the #11 bus across the road from where we were let off.  This took us back to the "Enghien Les Bains" station.
We went through the doors where the bus let us off and the train stop was right there.  We headed back to Gare du Nord station where we caught the #4 metro to "Barbes Rochechouart". (one stop) Then the #2 heading towards Porte Dauphine.  We got off at the 10th stop which was Charles de Gaulle- Etoile, a block from our hotel.

Dr. Badois is in a suburb of Paris called Soisy Sous Montmorency.
If you would like to stay close by, there is a hotel right where you get off the #11 bus "Hotel de Ville de Soisy".
I do not know the rates but it must be far cheaper than rooms right in Paris.
And it is only a short bus/train ride into Gare de Nord Station - Paris.
Gare de Nord is where you can get the Paris Metro and Euro Star train.
There may not be a lot to do around Hotel de Ville de Soisy but it is less expensive.

We booked our hotel through our travel agent. They had given us a book provided by   Holiday Network .
We paid $150.00 Canadian per night. (the 6th night was free)
We noticed their rates posted at the hotel were considerably higher.
Watch what you drink from the Mini Bar, it's expensive.

The hotel has many pamphlets for side trips that you can book through them.
We booked our trip to  London, England through Sam at the front desk as well as our night at  Lido.

The hotel address is: 1 Rue Brey - 75017 Paris
19 Avenue de Wagram - 75017 Paris
It is on the corner, actually on Rue Brey, so I guess it has two addresses.
Phone: 01 53 81 82 90
Fax: 01 44 09 93 24

Hotel Elysees - Paris email

We heard that as of February 28/02 the Franc was no longer legal tender in France.