Road Trip to Florida

We were driving a car down to Sarasota for Toronto Drive-Away Service
They provide a service for Snow Birds who want their cars with them during their stay.
But would rather fly down than drive

On the Road - We left London, Ontario February 17th at 6:30pm and arrived at the Detroit border by 8:30.
After answering the usual questions, we were on our way to Florida on Interstate 75.

We brought this book along with us as a guide
You can find out more about this book here

We stopped for breakfast at the Country Cupboard in Byron, GA. Fast & friendly service

Our first stop was at this Best Western in Lake City Florida, about 50 miles into Florida
We had Dominos Pizza and caught up on our sleep

We crossed the border into Florida about 12:30 pm - 18 hours after we left London, Ontario

Silver Springs - Home of the Glass Bottom Boats
By our second day in Florida it started to warm up to the low 70's
This is the 2006 Volvo S60 we drove down. Don't let the name fool you, it was sporty and really moved.
A pleasure for long drives.

The glass bottom boats, all named after Native Chiefs.
I was here before in 1974

The water here is said to be 99.8 percent pure


Notice the strange shaped trunk of this palm tree

Picture taken from a ride that takes you up slowly and around in a circle a few times before coming back down.

Another boat trip that takes you farther up Silver River for sights above the water.

The two pictures above were taken from the banks

And we do "no" recommend this hotel in Tampa.
Some of these Motels are a lot more tired than the travellers who stay there.

Busch Gardens, Tampa

Two pictures above are the Hospitality House at Bush Gardens.
Here is where you get your free beer. There are two beer taps, one at each end of the room.
We got our 2 free ones before it got too busy. In 1974 it was all out doors.

See my You Tube Video

Our room at Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa, Orlando

See my You Tube Video

Trespassers WILL be eaten

This is over Orlando

Sea World

The bar at Westgate Lakes Resort

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