Road Trip to Florida

Our Road Trip to Florida
Donna & Dave
December - 2007

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We were driving a car down to Hollywood Florida for Toronto Drive-Away Service
They provide a service for Snow Birds who want their cars with them during their stay.
But would rather fly down than drive

On the Road - We left London, Ontario December 1st at 4:30pm and arrived at the Buffalo border by 8:30.
After answering the usual questions, we were on our way to Florida on Interstate 77 to 79 to 95.

Entering Georgia.
The sign says "We're Glad Georgia is on Your Mind"

The Westgate Hotel in Daytona

Aligator Alley - Along I75

Westgate Lakes Resort in Orlando

We met a friend a day and a half before we were leaving. He waited to great people as they came out of the building
He was very friendly and a real talker. We had saved food from supper and he ate well.
He was in good shape and his ear was healing well from what likely was a fight. He is not agressive as
another cat passed in the distance and he hide under a car until it was gone. Some people fed him while other of course ignored the guy.
Some left him cereal and bits of apple. It's funny how they don't know what a cat eats. I guess they ment well.
He looked to be over 10 years old and very clean. He does have a tail.

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