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Carling Arena - Grosvenor Street
London, Ontario - Canada

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January, 2001
Photo by Gerald Goulet

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Carling Arena "A" Pad

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                                                                                Brad - Wayne - Gerald

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Larry - Wayne - Squeak - Mike                                         Tim - Nick - Steve - Brad

Hockey6.jpg - 162739 Bytes Gerry - Ralph - Dave - Greg

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Larry & Tim                                             Steve - Mike - Gerry

At left, Steve shows how close he came to finally getting a goal and
Greg explains to Brad that he was really aiming at the net and not him.
(Steve is not convinced)

Players of the Year

(at right) We are all amazed as Nick demonstrates just how fast he can move his arms

Players of the year photos by Gerry Blackwell

1999 - 2000

Another hockey season has come to an end.  I can't believe how quickly it went by.

What I really can't believe, is that it was my 31st season at Carling arena.

I nearly signed the ice time away - back in 1973 as organizing Sunday Hockey was becoming more trouble than I wanted to handle as a teen.  I remember sitting in the dressing room starting to sign the paper giving up the ice, when one of the players suggested I think more about it.  I'm glad he spoke up.

We started out on the Red Pad at 12:30 to 1:30 pm for the first three years and was offered a trade for the 11:00 am to Noon time on the Blue Pad.  It seemed like a better time for us so I took it.

Before the rink was covered in 1974 the rental fee was $7.00 an hour including the time you had to stop to shovel the ice. When it was covered, the cost was $18.00 an hour and has progressed to the present $110.00 (1999- 2000 price)

I met some of the present players while working at Westinghouse and most others through them.
Steve and Greg have been out since 1975 and Ralph started about 5 years later. Squeek was one of the originals but left for about 15 years and returned last year. Larry has played goal for us off and on over the last 20 years.

I had a great year and am looking forward to seeing everyone out again for the 2000- 2001 season at the newly renovated Carling Arena.

Construction/Renovation Pictures
Construction time was from early April to finishing touches in mid October

February 2000 - Before

May 2000
Dressing rooms torn down and foundations for new ones laid

Starting to brick up the front May 2000 and June 2000

 August 2000

December 2000

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Western Fair Sports Centre


The end of the season

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