*** Trip to Key West Florida ***

Our Trip to Key West Florida

December 2009

From Orlando to Miami to Key West

We stayed at the Westgate Lakes Resort in Orlando
This is the one bedroom suite in one of the newest buildings (#100)

We rented this 351 Charger for the week through National for $148.00

We stayed one night in Miami right on the ocean - on our way to the Keys

We ate at a restaurant in Miami where FITO was the entertainment.
Videos below

Southern Most Home in the USA

On the way to the Keys we drove through a terenchal downpour all the way from Miami
The flooding in the streets provided for some different activities

Duval Street, Key West

We stayed 3 nights at the Duval House

A great place to sit and watch the activites, day or night

The Duval House Gardens - There are 28 private rooms

Roosters and Hens run free in Key West

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