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Build a Squirrel House in Less Than One Hour

Protect against Raccoon and other predator attacks

UPDATE: I highly reccommend putting the hole in the Center and adding an extra hole on each side of the house. This will provide an escape if preditors come sniffing around

Summer 2009

All you need is a 10 foot by 1 foot by 1 inch (10' 1' X 1") piece of barnboard plank available at your lumber yard for less than $10.00
Below I will tell you exactly what you need and step by step instructions on how to do it - in under an hour.

Tools and materials you will need:

10' X 1' X 1" piece of barnboard plank
About 5 dozen 2" nails with heads
About 20 2" Wood Screws
Barn board grey latex fence stain
A bit of latex caulking

7" circular saw
2 1/4 core bit/jig saw and something that is 2 1/4 round to trace
Yard stick
Drill with bit for screws
3/8" and 1/2" wood bits
3 - 3" - 3/8 lug screws with washers
1 - 3" regular wood screw
Socket wrench with 9/16" socket
Paint brush

First step is to cut the 10ft. board at 5ft. 6in.
You now have a 5ft. 6in. (board one) and a 4ft. 6in piece (board two)

This also makes it easier to transport from the store.

Take the 5ft. 6in. (board one) and lay it on your cutting surface
Mark out the following measurements:
On the 26" piece draw a line across the board 3" from the top and 3" from the bottom - these are guide lines to fit the sides - Do Not Cut.

Cut off the 26" piece.

The two 20" pieces are the sides, these two are to be 9" wide. Draw a 3" line down the remaining 40" and cut off the 3".

Now cut the two 20" pieces.

The roof will have a 1" slant. On each of the 20" pieces draw a line 0" to 1" on one end.

Also, cut the 3" X 40" piece in two, this is for the deck.

You will end up with this.

Board Two
Mark out the following measurements:
Cut at each line. Take the 9" piece and cut it in half so you have two 6"X 9" pieces.

You will end up with this

It's time to assemble.
Take the three pieces from board one and nail together with 2" nails.

Line up the side boards between the guide lines of the back board.

Be sure the longer side of the side boards are against the back board so you have your 1" slant for the roof.

Measure down 5" from the top guide line and mark.

Nail in on of the 6"X 9" pieces from board two. This is the platform just inside the house.

Now put the 19" piece on the front and nail into place.

Next place the 9" piece on the bottom and use five 2"screws to attach.

This is so the bottom can be removed for cleaning

The access hole should be 2 1/4" round.

Measure 1 1/2" down from the top and 1 1/2" from the right side.

If you do not have a hole saw you can use a jar or lid that is the proper size and trace a circle.

Drill a pilot hole and use a jig saw to make the hole.

Place the 13.5" piece on the top and nail into place.

Getting back to the 3" strips from board one....

Use 2" screws on an angle to place the front and side decks on the house.

You will also have a 2.5"to 3" strip left over from board two. This is the third piece for the deck.

When I took these pictures I only had the front deck and tried to make a railing that I don't feel worked out.

I opted for side decks and no railing as a far better plan as shown in pictures below.

You can use the second 9" X 6" piece from board two to cut into 1" strips if want deck supports rather than angling in the screws.

We applied a strip of caulking between the roof and back board.

A few 1/2" holes in the bottom are good for drainage.

We used an exterior latex fence stain tinted to a barn board grey to blend in with the trees.

Never paint anything on the inside of the house.

The Finished Product

I opted for the side deck to give the babies more room to roam around while getting use to the outside world.

The best way to mount your house to the tree is to put it up at least 15 feet on a limb measuring at least 12 inches around.

Use two 3 inch long 3/8 lag screws at the top with 3/8 washers. Pre drill two 3/8 holes. Don't use anything smaller.

I started a regular 3 inch screw at the top to hold the house in place while I was turning in the lag screws.

I used a rope to pull the house up to the mounting spot rather than lug it up the ladder with me.

I found it best to use a hammer to tap the bolts in the first quarter inch to get them started, then used a 9/16 socket wrench.

Put a Lag Screw in the bottom.

Summer 2009

The next morning after mounting these in our Maple tree, a mother squirrel carried her two babies
into the house on the right. It must of looked like a better spot than where she had them.

Today a Grey Squirrel moved into the house on the left.

The 1" barn board will last many years and allows the squirrel to easily climb round the outside of the house.
The platform inside allows the squirrel easy outside viewing without exiting the house.
The drop off the platform to the 16" deep cavity below provides security for the young from preditors.

I filled the cavity loosly with leaves and a hand full of peanuts to get their interest.

Another idea is to mount a Web Cam on the bottom side of the platform where you can watch the activity and even
share the live feed with the rest of the world.

See my video on YouTube

Summer 2009

Summer 2009

May 6/10

May 6/10

May 6/10

May 6/10

May 6/10

May 6/10

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