Our Trip to Western Canada

Alberta & British Columbia

Donna & Dave

August 11 - August 19 - 2003

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We left the London, Ontario Airport Monday morning aboard Westjet.
They are a no frills airline and very friendly.
The flight was enjoyable and we would definitely fly with them again.
We arrived in Edmonton (after a stop over in Calgary)and had 6 hours to spare before our bus to
Jasper, Alberta so we decided to visit the West Edmonton Mall.

There is a bus that leaves the Edmonton Airport to the Mall about every half hour.
This was just like being at the beach, with water slides and wave pool.
This mall is huge. Read more about it here


There is even a full size hockey rink there. We had beer and wings at Hooters.
At the mall Donna decided to try out the water massage machine.

We arrived in Jasper via Greyhound bus from Edmonton at 1 AM (Tuesday morning).
It was a 4.5 hour trip. The bus stops at the Totem Pole next to the
train station, a popular landmark for pickups and meeting.
The place was deserted and we were not sure which way to go to
the bed and breakfast that we booked. We walked the silent streets until we saw
a familiar home from the picture on the Internet and went through
the front gate and the side entrance and down stairs to a door with our name on it.
It was located on the main street close to everything.
The picture on the left was taken on the street out front.

Its a long way up, I'm not sure just how far.
There is a cable car going up every 15 minutes and takes 7 minutes
to get to the building at the top.

After riding the tram, you have the option of walking the 1.7 KM to the sumit.
The further we went the cooler it got. The scenery was great.
I think this is the highest I have ever been
with without the aid of an air plane or Tequila.

We rented a PT Cruiser from Thrifty in Jasper,
they are located in the Via Rail building.
It was far better to go sight seeing on your own rather than pay for excursions.
We started out Tuesday afternoon for the Mélainge Canyons.
The canyons went on for miles, with
deep gorges and waterfalls.

We headed 60KM further down the road to the Miette Hot Springs.
The Natural Hot Springs temperature is kept at about 105F. Cold water must be added regularily.
Longhorn sheep were very interested in this truck, there must of been salt on it.

Moose became a regular traffic stopper on the way back to Jasper.
The Springs were surronded on all sides by mountains.

Mount Edith Cavell.
The Glacier on this mountain was fantastic. The atmosphere here was very calm and quite.
Learn who Edith Cavell was here

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We left Jasper Wednesday afternoon at 1PM aboard the Skeena Train
bound for Prince Rupert with an overnight stop in Prince George.
We arrived in Prince George at 8PM where our host was waiting for us.
We were tired from our trip and didn't have any time for sightseeing.
In the morning Rosel made us a fantastic breakfast and Wilf made sure
to get us back to the train station for 7AM.

We met many nice people on our jouney.
Two interesting couples were Sigy and Carl from New York and Karen & Dave from St. Louis.

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The second day of our train ride we crossed over
the Skeena Train bridge, the highest bridge you cross over on the train during the trip.
Off to the side you will see some kids walking along the train on the bridge. The picture to
to the right is just one of many of the beautiful landscapes that you see along the train trip.

At 6:30 Thursday morning we boarded the famous "Queen of the North".
bound for Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. The 15 hour trek will weave us in and out of the many islands
along the coast of British Columbia called "The Inside Passage".

The trip was inexpenxive at $100.00 Canadian per person. For another $15.00 you could
reserve a recliner seat in a private lounge, or a small Two Berth cabin - shower, washbasin, toilet
for $60.00 one way. We didn't find seating to be a problem. There are many tables
for playing cards etc. Lockers were also available. There is a cafeteria and restaurant too.

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Back packing is the only way to go.
No dragging around luggage or waiting for bags at the airport.
When traveling bring half the clothes, and twice the money you think you will need.
These pictures were taken at the Greyhound Bus station in Naniamo
right after returning the rental car.

The Victoria Harbour area. Victoria is our favourite place in Canada
after London, Ontario. The harbour was very busy when we arrived on Saturday.
There was some sort of annual row boat racing going on.

This is the Empress Hotel across from the harbour.

Something is always going on at the harbour. Bagpipes, singers, jugglers, etc.
As well as Mimes who move slowly but surely when you're not looking.

We consumed a few jugs of beer here while watching the
entertainment in the market area next door.

We took the walk way to the harbour from our
Bed & Breakfast "Cottage Pirouette" on Lampson Street
It is about a 30 minute walk or 5-10 minute bus ride.

We took the city bus around downtown Victoria

The Cottage Pirouette Bed & Breakfast.
On our trip we found that staying at a bed & breakfast was far more economical
as well as the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

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